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Forget everything you've read about this being compelling to all ages. This is first and foremost a movie for kids. To me the movie was quite a disappointment, considering the rating it has been given by the users of IMDb. I found it childish but I can't truthfully say that I was ever really bored. I had expected more laughs, from the man who made the outstanding "This is Spinal Tap" 1984) but had to settle for perhaps about three or four funny moments. (The inconceivable bit actually being very funny.) What bugs me the most is that the movie was aimed (perhaps unintendedly) at children because of the scenes involving the little sick punk Fred Savage and his grandpa Peter Falk (the actual storyteller. The scenes are so awfully disgusting in the "cute" kind of way to anyone above ten.

Keep that in mind.

I have to say that the music (by Mark Knopfler) in this scene just makes the whole thing for me.
0:08 when you order on amazon prime for one day delivery.
The Princess bride's choice.
Your constant bringing back of Miracle Max (the greatest character in cinematic history) makes me too happy.
The princess bride opening.
Hello - polite greeting My name is Inigo Montoya - introduction You killed my father - introduction of past interactions Prepare to die - stablishing of a future goal I cannot explain how much better i am at starting conversations with people because of this line.

The Princess bridesmaid dresses.
The princess bride wine scene.
Dream of large women he says XD.
And to think, neither one of them has had any previous training in fencing before making this movie. The sword fighting was all them (no stunt doubles.
Why are you wearing a mask? They're terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future. And now we all are, but not because they're comfortable.
The Princess bride and groom.
Never go in against a Sicilian, when DEATH is on the line.
The princess bride rous.
The princess bride bloopers.
Cary Elwes has some great stories about interacting with Andre on the set.
I've actually met Carry Elwes, it was amazing.

For me the best sword fight scene I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot. Great upload. Edit: 25 May 2015 I put up a clip many years ago in homage to the Swashbuckler movie, which was removed. Perhaps I'll put it up again one day.
I love how inigo offered his weapon to the enemy for inspection. After complimenting the workmanship the enemy handed it back to him.
Oh, watching this as a child I actually thought he had peanuts.
This is one of my faverite scenes were watching This in language arts for no apparent reason and i love This movie.
The princess bride 8/12.
The princess bride battle of wits.
8:16 :idealistic culture warrior 8:19 the handler.
The princess bride cast.
I had to come here after watching Emma-Hook kiss, that kiss and what Hook says at the end 'as you wish' CaptainSwan I like the bit at 0:39 - the way he says it whispering.

Who is here after Game of Thrones last night.
The princess bride 4k.
The princess bride scene.
I like this movie.
The princess bride billy crystal scene.
Fifteen people gave this a thumbs down? Really.
Did I make it clear that your job is at stake.
TPB had it all: One of the greatest adventures One of the funniest ever One of the most romantic ever In the future there will be Plays, Broadway musicals and many other works based on this story, but never a movie sequel.
Andre had such a deep voice, he sounded like he was talking through a filter.
The princess bride blu-ray.
Life is Pain who says different is selling something. One of my favorite lines, though basically the whole movie is my favorite line (it IS my favorite movie after all) I can quote it word for word. I would much rather a guy say to me as you wish than I love you.

This has been my favorite movie ever since the first time I saw it in July of 1991. I remember the day well, I had just had my 8th birthday and I was on my way upstairs to play Super Mario World on my new SNES when my father was flipping through the channels, and found this movie. At the time, I was really into wrestling and my favorite was Andre The Giant, when my father told me he was in it I asked him to tape the rest and I'd watch it later. After dinner, my brother and I watched the movie and we were hooked, we spent the rest of the summer watching that movie practically every day. We even had our parents buy us plastic fencing swords so we could act out the dueling scene between Westley and Inigo. To this day, whether consciously or subconsciously, I compare every film I watch to 'The Princess Bride' because I look for a movie that has just the right amount of every genre you can think of; drama, comedy, fantasy, epic, love story, fairy tale, period, modern, adventure & suspense. All those in one movie, not to mention Andre gives one of my favorite performances ever. Sure, he's playing a gentle giant much like he was in real life but for a man who had to learn his lines phonetically, that's something. Last but not least, Robin Wright who's portrayal of the beautiful, innocent, kind-hearted and pure-spirited Buttercup captured my still has it. Overall, if I could only watch one movie the rest of my life, it would be 'The Princess Bride' by S. Morgenstern, okay well... William Goldman.

The princess bride reaction.
The princess bride google drive.
Andre the giant was pretty proud of this movie. try to keep this in your mind before you shout inconcivable.
R.I.P Andre The Giant 😢😢😢 rest and peace.
The princess bride dvd.
The princess bride gifts.
They should've had Andre just standing there with his arms folded for Wesley's first attempts.

2:32 I beg your pardon, but that most certainly is NOT Wesley 😂.

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